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Claudia Watts speaks to Entrepreneur Class at FSCJ

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The Nassau County School District Entrepreneurship class presented by the Institute for Enterprise enjoyed listening to Claudia Watts of Coldwell Banker talking about the real life learning experiences in the real estate business. Claudia brought to life the real lessons of being an entrepreneur and how important it is to have a living business plan built around sound financial and sales goals, no matter what your business may be.

The Nassau County high school students who are taking this 4 credit course are learning about the principles of entrepreneurship, business ownership, business management and law, and marketing. As part of the curriculum they will be visiting a variety of business ventures in Nassau County, presenting business plans at area competitions, and enjoying a number of entrepreneur speakers.

Claudia was able to connect immediately with the students and gave them plenty of ideas for their current entrepreneurial business project.

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