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Change in schedule results in more student availability to I4E sponsored Entrepreneurship class.

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Since 2018, the Institute for Enterprise has been sponsoring the Entrepreneurship & Marketing Course Sequence for the Nassau County School District, Florida. This course has been available to all Nassau County high school students and has carried 4 credits, 2 of which were weighted GPA. The class was held at the Nassau Technical Career Center which is located at the FSCJ campus in Nassau County.

This school year the County has moved to a 7 period day for all 4 high schools, which has meant moving the Principles of Entrepreneurship class back to the various high schools. For Fernandina Beach High School it has meant that more students have access to the class and has resulted in having 4 classes every school day totaling almost 100 students from freshmen to seniors.

The Institute for Enterprise is very pleased to continue to sponsor this program as it grows and will continue to offer multiple scholarships to graduating Seniors next Spring to help fund their continuing education or vocational training. As before, I4E will sponsor the field trips to local businesses and provide guest speakers for the classes throughout the school year.

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