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I4E announces Scholarship opportunities for Nassau Co. FL. Entrepreneur Class seniors.

For the seventh year in a row, the Institute for Enterprise, Inc. will be offering multiple scholarships to Nassau County High School seniors enrolled in a Principles of Entrepreneurship class at their high school. Each scholarship will be a onetime award of $1000 toward the financial cost of any fully accredited college, university, learning institution, or approved vocational/technical school where the student is pursuing an entrepreneurial degree or certificate. Payment will be made directly to the school upon proof of enrollment.

Students will be required to submit a 2-3 paragraph paper on why they want to pursue becoming an entrepreneur and what their post-secondary educational goals are. The essay must be submitted to their Guidance Counselor at a date to be determined in the Spring.

Applicants must be self-starters, exhibit initiative, and want to become entrepreneurs. Selection will be made without regard to race, sex, religion, or national origin by the I4E scholarship committee.

The Institute for Enterprise, Inc. is a public 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation founded in 2014 by Douglas M Newton and John Campbell Elwell. The Foundation's mission is to promote the growth of entrepreneurship by helping young people achieve their educational, business, and economic goals in a free market environment.

Five members of the Board of Directors live or work in Nassau County: John Campbell Elwell, Tonya Wood, Claudia Watts, Sherri Mitchell, and Tim Poynter.

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