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Brody Mandelbaum awarded 2019 I4E Annual Scholarship

The Institute for Enterprise, Inc (I4E) is pleased to announce the 2019 recipient of their Annual Scholarship Award is Brody Mandelbaum of Fernandina Beach High School in Nassau County, FL. The scholarship provides an award of $2000 toward the financial cost of his education in pursuing an entrepreneurial degree at any accredited college, university, learning institution, or approved vocational/technical school. After completing his post secondary education, Brody plans on starting an investment fund focusing on emerging markets with democratic values that will help innovative farming techniques to create more abundant and healthy food.

Last year's winner, Caleb Fahlgren, is completing his freshman year at Auburn University as he pursues his Wireless Engineering degree before launching an entrepreneurial business that will focus on consumer cyber security.

John Campbell Elwell,Vice President, I4E & Scholarship Winner Brody Mandelbaum

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